winkay e-commerce

Main Services Overview

purchase services

1. Looking for the products you need and compare the price.
2.Play order for you.
3. Collect the products and arrange the shipment for you....

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e-commerce Development

E-Commerce marketing development,
Photo Graphic design, video design and publish, package design and printing...

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website Design

Online stores design and development,
Website design and development, website SEO.

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1. Investigate and research the market of the products you want to sell in China. 
2. Design and print the package for you....

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If you want to purchase directly from China, need somebody to help for purchase. we will be able to your best business assistant.

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sales agent

If you want to sell and distribute your products in China, need somebody to help in China. we will be able to offer you the service.

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Additional Services

If you buy products from our company, and want to distribute them in your market by online shop. You need to prepare a domain name only.
  • Inspect the goods for you.
  • Do Export Customs Clearing in China port for you.
  • Design ONLINE SHOP for you.
  • website SEO for you.

How It Works

Step 1

You prepare a domain name.

Step 2

Choose the products you need.

Step 3

Buy products from our company.

Step 4

We design ONLINE SHOP for you.